Welcome to my True North

You're bold and one-of-a-kind. You do things differently than others. You see the value in taking a risk. You're ready to stand out from the crowd.

There is art in your story; there is magic in your brand

Here's my true north: To create artful imagery for bold, fearless, one-of-a-kind creative entrepreneurs. And to do it with absolute joy. Before I started my photography business, I was a journalist—a professional storyteller—for nearly a decade. Just as then, the truest moments inspired my work and still do. 

The power of photography resides in the art of storytelling. In your photos, I seek out the small details that make your story unique so we can create brand photos that elevate you from the rest of the crowd. 

I like to form a bond with my clients because you've chosen me to do something unique: Tell your story in an artful manner. My goal is connect with you, to give you a comfortable space where you can be yourself in front of my camera. I'm a photojournalist—just for you.

My specialty is pulling moments of authenticity from my subjects—yes, even if you think you’re awkward in front of the camera. I got you, babe. No matter if you’re born camera ready or if you’ve never cracked a smile for a lens in your life—there’s a beautiful photo of you waiting to be made. I learn how to bring out your personality and make it shine in photos. In making your photo, I’m creating art from your story. 

Awards + Features

I've been published in Belong Magazine and Molly My magazine. I’ve been featured on the Huffington PostStyle Me Pretty, OnceWed, Glamour (Paris), Artfully Wed, the Daily Mail and Burnett’s Boards. I’ve been honored to be named as the 2015 U.S. National Award Winner at the Sony World Photography Awards. My work has been exhibited at PhotoLA 2015 and at the APA-LA 2014 Off the Clock exhibition. As a commercial photographer, I’ve been fortunate to work with amazing companies including Dreamworks Animation and Santa Anita Race Track. 

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Things I L-O-V-E

  • Super spicy food
  • The small things in life (I get overly excited about sweet moments of serendipity in life)
  • Chili flakes on everything (see above)
  • Horses + puppies + piglets (oh my)
  • All the books
  • Black coffee, no cream, no milk, no sugar, ALL YUM
  • The smell of sunscreen
  • Live music
  • Color theory (I totally geek out on tertiary color combos)
  • Ballet (when was the last time you watched Dirty Dancing and Center Stage back to back? Last night? Yeah, we're best friends now.)
  • Travel—next on my list to visit is Spain in 2019
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