5 Keys to Massive Success as a Creative Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner


After working with big and small, established and new, brands for a couple of years now, I’ve seen a few patterns show up.

Most of my clients experience massive success in their business, often after having their brand photos made. What do they all have in common?

I would LOVE to tell you that my clients are massively successful because I make brand photos that absolutely ROCK THEIR BIZ.

I mean, yes, totally, that’s what we create together. But!

The creative entrepreneurs who work with me have a few things in common… and it has nothing to do with brand photos. 

It has everything to do with how they approach business, brand photos, and LIFE:

My clients…


  • My clients don’t operate out of fear. Yes, fear is present for them (it’s haunting for all of us, let’s be real). But the decisions they make every day in their business are never driven by fear or avoidance. They acknowledge fear and ask it to please get outta the way. We’ve got a job to do.

  • My clients are committed to scaling their business, no matter what. This means, even if they don’t want to be in front of the camera, they do it anyway. They understand that a successful marketing campaign can’t be executed without professional photography. So they put aside any personal judgements about the way they feel in photos (yes, including, “I don’t like my arms,” “I have to lose 10 pounds first,” and “My service isn’t worth this level of photography.”)

  • My clients have an unstoppable drive toward success, wealth and visibility that overrides their want for comfort. They live in a zone of discomfort because that’s where the shift toward success begins.

  • My clients know that they AND their business are worth spending money on. There’s no hesitation to invest in website design, coaching, brand photos, or heck, even a splurge on a new piece for their wardrobe. They don’t worry about being WORTH it—they already know they are.

  • My clients have faith in their experts. They hire people who are better than they are at anything that falls outside their zone of genius, and they don’t waste time micromanaging. Hire a team you trust, and then trust the team you hire.


So why do they experience massive success after they get their brand photos made with me? Because they finally have the professional tools to market their professional business. Their audience sees them in a whole new light—one that’s worth a lot of money.

Are you one of these clients? If you are, here’s what you know:


  1. You’re seeking, finding and stepping into your POWER daily.

  2. Your essence is rooted in TRUTH and authenticity, and you want to reflect that in photos.

  3. You take risks through CREATIVITY in your industry so you can dominate and revolutionize how things are done.

  4. You are a BRIGHT shining star that is ready to be seen.

  5. You are OPEN and willing to ride the momentum of your growth and take action every day.


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P.S. Can you guess what my keywords will be when I launch my rebrand later this month? Stay tuned!


Courtney Paige Ray

Courtney Ray

Los Angeles Wedding + Lifestyle Portrait Photographer