Hitting your BIG PICTURE goals with a customized Creative Action Plan


Your business is more than customized brand photos.

Your business is more than a sweet website. 

Your business is more than your email list.

Your business is more than social media (and thank goodness for that, #amiright)

But all of these together (plus your messaging, blog, freebie… truly, the list goes on) form a bigger picture. Actually, they all work together TOWARD your bigger picture—as a Creative Action Plan.

Your Creative Action Plan is the strategy you deploy across all your relevant platforms to reach and convert your target audience.

Or, to be more casual about it: Your Creative Action Plan is how you reach the people who make you EXCITED to build a business. And here’s how it gets made:

Your ultimate message

Start with WHY—why did you start your business to begin with? What problem are you solving, and for whom? Most importantly, WHY do you want to solve this problem? Your WHY is where the spark of inspiration lives, that added element is what makes your brand stand out from every other business. Let your why be the spark that makes what you do, be something DIFFERENT in the market.

Your relevant platforms

Now that you know who you’re talking to and why, you need to actually reach them on the platforms that they engage with regularly. Don’t pick only the platforms that feel comfortable to you; research the platforms that your ideal client will search for your services or products on and jump in. Don’t be afraid to publish and engage on a platform just because it’s new. =


Planning is great, but it means nothing with execution. You know who you want to talk to; why your message to them is different from other creative businesses; and the only thing left is to actually talk to them. The ACTION in your Creative Action Plan is the most important part. Even is your action is imperfect, clumsy or awkwardly worded—it still needs to be out there. You can’t sell your goods to someone who doesn’t even know you exist.

How is your Creative Action Plan shaping up? If any of these steps are giving you heart palpitations, then don’t worry—I got you. 

Over the next month, I’ll be slowly rolling out my new brand before the official launch (major deals included!) on October 23rd. And the first hint about my new brand? Your brand photography package is going to give you way more than brand photos… We’re going to anchor your brand photos inside of an entire Creative Action Plan, customized for your creative mind. My mission for the future of my brand is to develop disruptive creative action plans so visionary brands stand out.

Want to learn more before the big launch? Get in touch! Email me here or click below to send more your questions. I’m here for whatever your creative heart wants. 

Courtney Paige Ray 

Courtney Ray

Los Angeles Wedding + Lifestyle Portrait Photographer