photo shoot

Three Tips for a Successful Shoot

I would never ask you to do something I haven't done before—and that goes double when it comes to a photo shoot. I understand the value of putting my money where my mouth is, so instead of talking to you AGAIN about why you should be in front of the camera, I decided to do it myself. 

Last week, I went all out for my photo shoot. Once I stepped in front of the camera, I knew that my photographer would guide me in creating beautiful photos. BUT! I wanted to do everything I could before the photo shoot to make sure it was a success.

What does that mean? Here are the top three ingredients for a successful photo shoot:

1. Your Glam Team

Professional hair and makeup is an absolute MUST when it comes to your photos. Your HMU artist knows exactly how to create your glam in a way that still looks like you, but also translates to being camera ready. Your everyday makeup routine is beautiful, yes, but it's not quite enough for being on camera. You need a professional touch to ensure you're not washed out by lights, your hair stays full + voluminous, and your eyeliner stays put.

2. Wardrobe

Consider this your permission slip to go shopping! Yes, I highly recommend picking out a new outfit for your photo shoot. Bonus: Hire a wardrobe stylist to create a gorgeous look for you and make life a little easier. Need a recommendation? I got your back, just click here.

3. Relax!

Delegate as much as possible to other people, clear your schedule, have a glass of champagne and relax! Your shoot day is supposed to be fun, and I know mine was. I didn't have to worry about perfecting a cat eye or curling my hair just right, or wonder if my outfit would look good on camera. And heck yes, I enjoyed some champagne! 

Go behind-the-scenes of my shoot, and see the no-makeup-or-hair before vs. after, check out the video below.

If you're ready to get visible, talk directly to your audience about what makes your business different and create a bond that turns an audience into clients and clients into brand cheerleaders, drop me a line here.