Brand Photography
for women who are
a creative force


Impactful storytelling for creative business

The beauty of standing out


You're not here to fit in—you were BORN to stand out, and that's especially true for your creative business. Since the start of my career—from being an investigative journalist and now as an award-winning documentary photographer—I've always been OBSESSED with impactful storytelling.
I know you have a vision in mind for your business, and a strong, original brand makes all the difference. We start with your brand story and evoke the art of your brand through a visual language. This is where the magic lives.

Be bold in sharing; your audience is waiting for you.


What we (and our partner agencies) do:


Brand Story

Brand Photography

Visual Language

Photo Shoot Planning

Art Direction

Wardrobe Styling

Set Staging

Brand Building

Brand Copywriting

Website + Logo Design



With the Brand Story, we create a visual language that speaks directly to your ideal client, connecting with them on a deeper level. Together, we'll build your story so that you can share it with impact in order to build trust and brand loyalty. We want your audience to become clients, and your clients to become brand cheerleaders—it all starts with the story.



Join other creative business owners on a mission to stand out in the market with an effective photography strategy that supports an original brand. If you strive to separate yourself from your competition and make it clear that you do things differently than everyone other business in the market, your brand photography strategy will set you apart from the crowd.