Take your brand from meh to MAGIC


What is brand photography?

Brand photography is a language that your ideal client will understand clearly.

Brand photography is a platform to share your story.

Brand photography is a bridge to connect you with your audience on a deeper level.

Brand photography is a tool to bring consistency to your online presence and build trust with your viewers.

Most importantly, Brand Photography is a CHANCE:

A chance to stand out in the market

A chance to show your audience what makes you different

A chance to express the magic of your brand


What do you do

And how can we express that in photos?

In a saturated market—with the noise of social media and never-ending marketing—reaching your audience in a way that RESONATES with them is a challenge.

A welcome challenge.

First, we start by identifying what you do differently...

What is it about your work that no one else can do?

Why do your clients pick YOU over your competition?

What are you known for—what’s your special sauce?


What do I do

I'm obsessed with impactful storytelling.

From being an investigative journalist to becoming an award-winning documentary photographer, I understand the value of an impactful story through meaningful connection.

Stories are how we understand and interpret our world.

Stories are also how we create memories of our world.

With a strong brand story, your audience will remember you at just the right moment—you'll be top of mind as soon as they need your services.

Your brand story creates a connection, builds trust and turns your audience to clients, and clients to brand cheerleaders.

But how?

I have a special method for that: My 3M Method.

And my method starts with WHY.


The Brand Story Package

We start with your PLANNING MEETING, usually
about 1-2 hours, and we talk about:

My 3M Method and how we use it show in photos
what makes your business stand out.

Photo Uses: We talk about where you’ll be using the photos
(social media, websites, lead magnets, etc.) and make sure we have a plan for every spot you need an image for.

Location: Since you’re inviting your audience into your story, we need to pick a setting or two that is the perfect backdrop
for your story to play out on.

Wardrobe Consultation: Tips and tricks for choosing 3-4 outfits for your shoot, and looking + feeling your best in front of the camera.

Photo Shoot Aesthetic + Mood Board: The mood + aesthetic for your shoot and how we can make magic around it.

How YOU like to look: I ask you to bring photos of yourself that you LOVE and photos of yourself that you never want to see the light of day again. I want to know how you like to look in pictures (and how you don’t).

We also talk about Team-Building Add-Ons: I’ve got all the best recommendations for hair, makeup, wardrobe + set design.


Photos should
be fun

From here, I take care of the rest: scheduling, sourcing, team building, etc., so you can sit back, relax and get excited for your shoot.

Shoot Day

On shoot day, I want you to relax. Yes, that means a glass of champagne during your glam if you feel like it! You bring your wardrobe to set, and we’ll start by picking your first outfit. Before you know it, we’ll be dancing, laughing and creating brand magic.


I know, I know—you’re DYING to see the photos! That’s awesome, and it makes me so happy. Which is why I post your Brand Story sneak peeks within one week, and you’ll receive your full photo gallery within three weeks. Your gallery includes a range of photos, typically 200-300 images, giving you the ability share your story through images and connect with your audience in a whole new—and consistent—way.

Details, Details:
The Brand Story

  • Half-day or Full-day Photo Shoot

  • 1-4 Locations

  • 4-7 Outfit Changes

  • Planning Meeting

  • Mood Board

  • Fully-edited, High-Resolution Images

  • Private, Online Photo Gallery

  • Three-Week Turnaround on Full Gallery
    (sneak peeks even sooner!)

    Packages start at $2500


Ready to work together?