"From my very first inquiry, I knew Courtney was a great fit for me. Her enthusiasm for telling my brand story through photos was palpable, and I knew I was in good hands. The session was amazing; we captured everything and more that I had hoped to, and her attention to detail was unparalleled. Also, if you’ve ever had professional photos taken, you may know not only how important skill is, but also (maybe just as important) the photographer’s energy and vibe. Courtney made me feel comfortable, laugh, and feel confident. And then of course there is the final product that speaks for itself- the photos. I honestly cannot say how thrilled I am with the photos she shared with me from our branding session. I’m eternally grateful for Courtney, her skills, personality and her professionalism."

—Britt Rohr, Swell Press


"Courtney was a dream! I'm a health coach in Los Angeles and was needing a website update, as well as photo options for my corporate consultations. After a short intro meeting, she scheduled two perfect locations and created optimal sets for my specific needs. Courtney took care of everything, set me up with a hair and make-up artist who was incredible, and made me feel completely at ease in front of the camera - which is a struggle for me! On top of being professional, she's super friendly so was able to capture genuine looks that are exactly what I had hoped for, appealing to both potential individual and corporate clients. I am extremely satisfied and highly recommend her to everyone looking to boost their brand!"

—Melissa Mooney, Fitness + Nutrition Coach


“The fact that Courtney calls her experience a "brand story" says so much. Working with her has been an opportunity to reveal more of my story, and to do so through photos. Her images capture a part of my essential power. In today's visually driven marketplace this is a necessity. You have to stand out. You have to evoke emotion.  You have to inspire people with your story.  

Shooting with Courtney is a rare treat. She's collaborative, creative, intuitive, kind, and has a genius eye. In addition to receiving compliments on your photos, you'll also clarify your brand's message, increase your visibility, and positively influence your sales. Her work is an integral part of a successful business strategy.

If you want "who you are" to be seen through your images, then Courtney is one to contact!”

—Dena Crowder, We Are Pure Power


"If I could shoot with Courtney every week, I would. She brings amazing ideas and a bright energy to shoot and made me feel comfortable and confident the whole time. While the shoot was amazing, the end result blew my mind. I honestly couldn't believe that I was the boss lady in the those photos. I had chills going through them for the first time! She also took beautiful photos of me and my pup Ginger, who ended up passing away shortly after, and they are the most special memories. Thank you for beautiful work that helps me tell the world the story of my business, Courtney!"

—Shayna Marks, Citrine Marketing


"Never have I ever had a photo shoot like the one I had with Courtney. She has a magical ability to make you feel like the BEST version of yourself, and simultaneously capture the personality and authenticity of her subjects. Working with Courtney was a dream, and I look forward to many more shoots together!"

—Marrin Costello, Jewelry Designer


“Courtney is a shining light of a human and a visual genius. She not only captured my brand perfectly but went above and beyond to make me feel beautiful and vibrant during our shoot. For this introvert, that is a must! I use all of her photos constantly on my site and social media. I couldn't be happier with the results.”

—Mallory Leone, The Manifest Box


“Working with Courtney was an amazing experience and investment in my company. She makes the process effortless! I really appreciated the effort she puts into setting up the shoot, but also she taught me how to work with the camera in such a way that felt fluid and easy. Courtney is more than just a photographer, she's an expert at what she does and a wonderful soul. My photos are stunning, I received so many compliments! I highly recommend her!”

—Dr. Pernilla Nathan, Performance Coach


"I'm delighted that I discovered the work of Courtney Paige Ray and hired her to work on a collaboration photographing over 40 Midlife women in an exclusive 'Faces of Fierce' Campaign. Her gift lies in teasing out the inner beauty and personality of a woman and bringing those positive qualities in a unique light through the lens of a camera."

—Catherine Grace O’Connell, FierceCon 2018 + 2019


"Working with Courtney was such a blessing. Her level of enthusiasm and dedication to creating a visual story for your brand is unmatched. From the initial coffee meeting I could tell that this girl LOVES what she does and was ready to make magic happen with me. Every step of the way was thoughtful and made me feel comfortable. I’m incredibly happy with my decision to hire Courtney and would gladly do it again!"

—Taryn Bone, Bone Collective Studio


“I’ve done several professional photoshoots over the years, and this was by far the best one. I’ve never had so many useable photos that I was really happy with from one sitting! Courtney worked hard to understand me and my brand in advance, assisting with everything from outfit selection to recommendations for backdrops, a hair and makeup artist and much more. I get compliments on her photos all of the time!”

—Brigette Young, Modern Muse Co.